The Colours of Cartagena ~ Los Colores de Cartagena

The colours of Cartagena, Colombia – one of the best-preserved of Spanish bastions in the New World – are almost a metaphor for this Caribbean citadel.  They, like, the city, are vivid, many-splendoured, tropical and even downright sensuous. Discover here the delights – and colours – of Cartagena.



Coco Frio –  AKA fresh cool coconuts – are an afternoon delight in the old city.

Old meets new outside a stretch of the 11 kilometre walls of the old city. Luckily, cars – and scooters – aren’t allowed inside.

Two faces of the city greet you when you check out Bocagrande. Miami meets Colombia here – with the old city for backdrop.

Outside the walls – here in Bocagrande – life marches on as it does in any modern settlement.


Don’t believe us when we talk about the colours of Cartagena? Then feast your eyes on this scene.


A haven of mystery and romance, the old city was sometimes a character in her own right in the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.


Cartagena’s historic centre oozes history – right down to the evocative sounds of horse hooves echoing against the walls of Baroque cathedrals.


The power of the church in the Spanish New World was every bit as impressive – and ubiquitous – as the power of the military.


And sometimes that colour palette that is Cartagena is downright minimalist.



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2 Responses

  1. Jo

    Love the colours. Makes me want to plan a return trip to Colombia and this time visit the spots in your photos. Thanks for the visual trip!

    • Mark Stevens, photos by Sharon Matthews-Stevens

      Thank you too for having a look. Mark and I walked into the old city each day from our hotel in Cartagena. We did not return once we were on Baru Island.