Les Images Du Paris

A picture is, well, a picture, but an image suggests some deeper relationship between artist and place. Maybe it’s a woodwind quintet in a five-hundred-year-old church, maybe it’s lunch in a place where Hemingway used to dine. Either way, we’ve … Continued

The Colours of Cartagena ~ Los Colores de Cartagena

The colours of Cartagena, Colombia – one of the best-preserved of Spanish bastions in the New World – are almost a metaphor for this Caribbean citadel.  They, like, the city, are vivid, many-splendoured, tropical and even downright sensuous. Discover here … Continued

Six Saskatchewan Surprises

  Sadly (and stupidly) I’ve always given Saskatchewan short shrift. Then I actually visited. I discovered that she was a worthy tourist destination in her own right and I discovered several Saskatchewan surprises. Surprise #1: It’s Not Flat We’re not … Continued