Somewhere In Time



The movie, “Somewhere in Time””, was released in 1980 and wasn’t a huge hit. On the other hand, its location, the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, is a hit. In a hostelry little changed in more than a hundred years on an island where the main conveyance is horse and buggy, you really find yourself somewhere in time. A really good time.



Viewed from here, in a little corner of the Tea Garden, it’s not hard to understand why she’s called the Grand Hotel.



Boasting what some claim is the world’s longest porch (this can’t be verified), the Hotel’s entrance is appropriately approached by horse and buggy — Somwhere in Time.



A much earlier movie was also part of the Grand Hotel tradition. Esther Williams was its star. Ergo the Esther Williams swimming pool (luckily heated).



Here’s a brilliant idea. On an island where horses are the only means of transport, there’s a great new app. It’s called “NEiiiigggbour.”



Here in the kitchen of the Grand they serve just under a thousand plates for every dinner. Nearly a thousand plates — and Creme Brulée for dessert.



Famed designer Dorothy Draper is responsible for the decor. Sometimes it’s downright flamboyant.



A nightly feature at the hotel (that’s partly why guys have to don jacket AND tie) is a bit of ballroom dancing right here.



Whatever the questionable claim to fame of the porch, the main dining room HAS to be the world’s longest.



The decor here at the Grand is not what you would characterize as subtle. Memorable, maybe. Subtle, never!



Among the various dining options at the Grand Hotel, the Jockey Club stands guard over the golf course. And the author and noted travel journalist James Ross stand guard over the Jockey Club.



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4 Responses

    • Mark Stevens, photos by Sharon Matthews-Stevens

      Yes, for sure. Very unique hotel and true to its name….very grand.

  1. Bryant Stevens

    Seen and heard stories over the years. Thought it was a fascinating spot I would enjoy. We will stop next trip to Ontario. Hope all is well. Love ya.

    • Mark Stevens, photos by Sharon Matthews-Stevens

      It is a feast for the eyes. Loved the interior design, service, and location!

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