Sharing the Wealth

Looking for a place to store all the wealth we’ve just shared? How about the Bank of Everglades in beautiful downtown Everglades City, Florida?



Shocking as I might find this, there is an outside chance that even if you subscribe or regularly check out our offerings, you might not just love reading our words or gazing longingly at our pictures.

That’s why we’re about to introduce the next stage in the evolution of . For a bit of variety – and an actually vetted list of other bloggers whose material we really like – just click on our newest link: “Other Blogs We Like”.  We’ll choose them based on quality of writing, quality of art, quality of design, or quality of information – no hacks need apply.

And that’s just the next stage. Stay tuned in future weeks for some great travel resources – either more background information on specific stories we present or just plain useful stuff.

Thanks for sticking with us!

6 Responses

    • Mark Stevens

      Hey Jody – yours was obviously there – really like it. Hope to rise to the level of yours with our humble efforts.

  1. Doug Wighton

    Love getting your stuff………….constantly prepping “bucket list” !!!!
    Thanks for all…………..


    • Mark Stevens

      Hey Doug – thanks for taking the time to reach out. My own bucket list never seems to get any shorter.

  2. ted ruddy

    Do I have to put in the above crap (name, email) every time I want to comment? Or should I just email you?

    • Mark Stevens

      Good question – will try to find out. Love having your comments here, though – and looking forward to seeing you soon!