Nicos’ Nicaragua

Costa Rica’s got Ticos while Nicaragua belongs to the Nicos. For a few short days a whole bunch of Nicos shared this friendly, charming and photogenic country with us. Sure it’s a Nicos’ Nicaragua but we liked it too. We also think you will.


Some very cool paintings decorate the ceiling of the cathedral in Granada.


Stately baroque buildings have made Granada on the shores of Nicaragua’s biggest lake a tourist destination for four centuries.


Granada’s streets may not be paved with gold but that doesn’t make them any less appealing.


A carriage ride is almost a must-do in this city once reputedly visited by Henry Morgan.
One-time dictator Somoza had a getaway high above this Pacific beach. Wonder why?


Making friends with a couple of Nicos at Masachapa, a fishing village on Nicaragua’s Pacific coast.


Going for a cold one on a hot day at Masachapa.


Nicaragua has a history of devastating earthquakes. Here’s a vivid piece of evidence.


One of the biggest appeals of Nicaragua’s Pacific side? Traffic jam Nico-style.


Catching some rays on the beach at Barcelo Montelimar Resort.


TRIP TIPS: We booked this trip through Transat ( It’s one of several ‘duos’ they offer – our was two nights in Managua and five nights at Barceló Montelimar ( on the Pacific coast.






2 Responses

  1. Danielle Crean

    Wonderful photos – beautiful parts of Nicaragua – same place ! stayed when with HFH. Can’t wait to talk to you about it!!

    • Mark Stevens, photos by Sharon Matthews-Stevens

      Yes, a beautiful country. Did you walk to Masachapa? Looking forward to seeing you.