Les Images Du Paris

A picture is, well, a picture, but an image suggests some deeper relationship between artist and place. Maybe it’s a woodwind quintet in a five-hundred-year-old church, maybe it’s lunch in a place where Hemingway used to dine. Either way, we’ve just marked the beginning of a new relationship. That’s why we cordially invite you to savour “les Images” – not mere pics – “du Paris.”



Almost there. And SUCH a nice smile. That’s what happens when you hit the Louvre.


Okay maybe not a gazillion different subway lines but one thing’s for sure: on the Paris Métro you can get from almost anywhere to almost anywhere.


Arc de Triomphe. Victor Hugo lay in state right here. Napoleon’s body was carted through here. We’re here too.


Neat fountain at Place de la Concorde. The statue in this fountain’s doing better than some guests to the area. This is where they popularized the expression: “Off with her head.”


Looking down into Paris from the heights of Montmartre. Supposed to be a corruption of “martyr.” That’s what you become when you climb these steps.


Two major galleries in three days — Museum of Modern Art and the Louvre — and a bit of street art in Montmartre.


Philosopher’s corner. St. Germain-Des-Pres. Quiche for lunch (though you can’t see it) at Deux Magots, the ultimate literary diner.


The City of Lights. Or it will be in another few minutes.


Reputedly the oldest bridge in Paris. But Pont Neuf’s still looking pretty good to us.


Artists reign supreme at Place du Tertre. Maybe not Van Gogh, or Dali or Monet nowadays, but still…


A million people buried in Père La Chaise cemetery, including the likes of Mr. Wilde. Here be ghosts. If not here, then where?


What will we remember about Paris? Architecture would be pretty close to the top of the list.


We love Paris in the evening. We also like the view from Sacre Coeur.


Hmm. Maybe words are not needed.