Hooked On Lake Simcoe


Lesson one: ice fishing is fun. Lesson two: you are not fishing for ice. This second observation makes it easier – though it’s all about the first thing.

Just off Jackson’s Point in good old Ontario – bastion of gracious cottages, cool resort (take a bow, the Briars), and an excursion onto a windswept white expanse (i.e. – ice) courtesy of Snake Island Fish Huts.

Bond with Ontario. Catch a fish. Have a blast.

Canadiana par excellence.

TRIP TIPS: Check out https://www.georgina.ca/discover-georgina and www.centralcounties.ca for more winter (and sometimes springlike) fun.

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6 Responses

  1. Jo

    Looks like a good time! Love the photo – quirky, colourful and fun.

    • Mark Stevens, photos by Sharon Matthews-Stevens

      Yes, it was a very good time! I didn’t know that it would be so calming. We caught four perch.

  2. Wanda Warner

    It’s always nice to try something different! It look’s like fun! I’m glad you caught some fish!!

    • Mark Stevens, photos by Sharon Matthews-Stevens

      We could see to the bottom of the lake. It was shallow – about 15 feet where we fished.
      Strange feeling watching the fish taking a nibble on the minnow.

  3. Pat

    You two do the best things! Great picture. Hope you caught some fish.

    • Mark Stevens, photos by Sharon Matthews-Stevens

      We could view the lake right to the bottom, and this was a tranquil experience.

      The fish were smart. They frequently ate the minnows and disappeared. Eventually we caught four perch, and returned them to the lake.