7 Reasons To Visit the Magdalen Islands

  Not that you need seven reasons to visit this island chain that’s a secret even to Canadians, a Quebec archipelago that’s snugged down in the Gulf of St. Lawrence north of Prince Edward Island and west of Cape Breton. … Continued

Six Saskatchewan Surprises

  Sadly (and stupidly) I’ve always given Saskatchewan short shrift. Then I actually visited. I discovered that she was a worthy tourist destination in her own right and I discovered several Saskatchewan surprises. Surprise #1: It’s Not Flat We’re not … Continued

7 Things I Love About Yarmouth

I could find 7 things to love about Yarmouth, snugged down in the southwest reaches of Nova Scotia, without even going beyond the realm of history. But that wouldn’t do justice to a vibrant, diverse and downright fun Maritime destination, … Continued

“Working With Glass” at Galerie La Méduse – Îles de la Madeleine

The Îles de la Madeleine play host to a multitude of artistic ventures. Check out the creative process of the artisans at La Méduse – a lovely gallery on Cap aux Meules.