The Road to Riches (?)

    I got a dose of humility yesterday during a pit stop on the White Pass and Yukon Route, a train ride that begins in Skagway, Alaska, skirts a water-washed valley through a range of impossible mountains in British … Continued

The Other Side of Niagara

As if in sympathy with the Falls themselves, throngs of people cascade down a glitzy stretch of pavement called Clifton Hill. We’re talking Party Central. Come nightfall the street’s lit up like a Vegas variety show. Head shops and cigar … Continued

Exploits of a Yukon Musher

      The hills overlooking Fish Lake.  Sky High Wilderness Ranch. No misnomer, that. We’re maybe forty kilometres outside of Whitehorse in the Yukon, at the end of a road we climb steadily and sometimes precipitously through snow-laden valleys … Continued

My Own Backyard

So I step out my front door, cross the courtyard and skirt my neighbour’s deck. Distance so far: roughly forty metres. Now I cross one fairway of the nine-hole-course surrounding our property. Distance? Fifty more metres, thereabouts. A wire fence, … Continued

Hold The Fort

Canadians are a remarkably peaceable bunch so it’s ironic that so many forts litter our landscape. But I love forts – visited a ton when I was a kid – so this is not an issue for me. Besides, they … Continued