St. Lucia’s Hotels = Solitude and Luxury

First thing I notice when I arrive in St. Lucia is the variety of accommodations. Well, maybe not the first thing. First thing’s the overwhelming punch-you-in-the-stomach drama and beauty of the landscape: views of the Pitons climbing skyward to the … Continued

The Better Bahamas

      Sometime during the last two hours of our sailing adventure through the Bahamas’ Abaco Islands (skimming cerulean seas on a 44-foot catamaran we’ve booked through Sunsail yacht charters), someone in our crew looks out off the port … Continued

The Old and the New Meet on Grand Cayman

  Checking out Camana Bay – downright futuristic in design, from breezeways that maximize the flow of air to make this waterside oasis comfortable for visitors on the hottest days to a fountain designed by the folks who brought you … Continued

The Caribbean’s Newest Cocktail

So this sailor walks into a bar (again), plunks down his money and says, “I’ll have a ‘Bequia Blast’.” “Again” is the key word. Six years ago we sailed the Grenadine Islands in the Southern Caribbean, anchoring in Bequia’s Admiralty … Continued