Sharing the Wealth

    Shocking as I might find this, there is an outside chance that even if you subscribe or regularly check out our offerings, you might not just love reading our words or gazing longingly at our pictures. That’s why … Continued

Exploits of a Yukon Musher

      The hills overlooking Fish Lake.  Sky High Wilderness Ranch. No misnomer, that. We’re maybe forty kilometres outside of Whitehorse in the Yukon, at the end of a road we climb steadily and sometimes precipitously through snow-laden valleys … Continued

A Dry *#&#%^* Cold

  Sky High Wilderness Ranch, hiding in snow-laden mountains near Whitehorse, Yukon. The tips of the fingers go first, then the toes. We’re mushing on Fish Lake. Our guide stops – looks me over. “Checking for frostbite.” Minus forty something … Continued

My Own Backyard

So I step out my front door, cross the courtyard and skirt my neighbour’s deck. Distance so far: roughly forty metres. Now I cross one fairway of the nine-hole-course surrounding our property. Distance? Fifty more metres, thereabouts. A wire fence, … Continued