Love History? Why You Need to Visit the World War 2 Sites of Normandy Now

This was posted today in the CAA Magazine online.  Mark and I visited this area last June, and today during the morning news, I saw where we had walked on the beach.  

Les Images Du Paris

A picture is, well, a picture, but an image suggests some deeper relationship between artist and place. Maybe it’s a woodwind quintet in a five-hundred-year-old church, maybe it’s lunch in a place where Hemingway used to dine. Either way, we’ve … Continued

St. Lucia’s Hotels = Solitude and Luxury

First thing I notice when I arrive in St. Lucia is the variety of accommodations. Well, maybe not the first thing. First thing’s the overwhelming punch-you-in-the-stomach drama and beauty of the landscape: views of the Pitons climbing skyward to the … Continued