A Dry *#&#%^* Cold

2015 02 06 file Sky High Wilderness Ranch Whitehorse


Sky High Wilderness Ranch, hiding in snow-laden mountains near Whitehorse, Yukon.

The tips of the fingers go first, then the toes. We’re mushing on Fish Lake. Our guide stops – looks me over. “Checking for frostbite.”

Minus forty something with windchill. Breath freezes on eyelids, on the furry hat my friend Ed loaned to me. Snow crunches like potato chips, your coat crinkles like an arthritic knee joint.

But it’s honestly not horrible. It’s a dry cold.

A dry @!$#^*%(&* cold!


TRIP TIPS: It really isn’t horrible. I’m not lying. Sure it’s not the Caribbean, but…. fun, fun, fun. For more winter activities in a dry cold check out http://travelyukon.com/Explore/Things-to-do/Winter and http://www.skyhighwilderness.com/html/index.php . Stay tuned, same channel for upcoming stories about Canada’s true North. And check it out in the summertime too: https://www.travelwriteclick.com/the-yukon-true-north-strong-and-free/