Every blog we mention here has something great going for it – whether it’s superior photography, excellent writing, really useful information or all of the above. From time to time, as we continue this journey together, we’ll add new sites. Keep that in mind – come back and visit this page every once in a while.

And thanks for checking out our site.


www.roadstories.ca – Right from the outset it seems like Glenn Cameron and Judy Hammond have set this site up as a labour of love. That love of Canada (they only cover our home and native land) shows up in every post. Furthermore, they’ll often commission some of the better writers and photographers (to wit, Sharon and I) to contribute, so there’s plenty of scope and breadth in their coverage. Also an excellent “resources” link. Add this site to your “favourites.”

www.travelswithrigby.com – Jo Matyas and I are pals and her partner Craig Jones is a musician, so there’s a bias here. But those musical chops of Craig’s add verisimilitude to their writing about music and Jo’s one of the best travel writers in Canada so this site’s always worth a read, though they generally only post when traveling together. But it’s not just travel stories – a ton of useful information from advice on traveling with pets to links on saving money while filling up your tank.

www.ottawaroadtrips.com – Sometimes the most tightly-focused travel stories are the best. Same for some travel writing sites. You don’t have to live in Ottawa to enjoy Laura Byrne Paquet’s offerings though it helps. User-friendly, well-organized and, most important, writing that’s good enough you’ll enjoy her work even if you’re only an armchair traveler.

www.tastereport.com – Though she seems to be focusing most of her posts on “foodie”subjects, Cinda Chavich is another one of those best Canadian travel writers around, so anything she writes is a delight to read. And maybe you’ll find a new place to take your significant other on date night.

www.travelswithbaggage.com  – Can’t say I am a fan of “blogs” – really hate “mommy-blogs” – but Jody Robbins is a nice writer (she’s done a lot of print journalism, too, which plays to one of my biases) and she’s actually an award-winning photographer. Not everything here is travel – but the travel stuff is infinitely readable and she’s another writer with a really strong voice.

www.golftravelandleisure.com  – I’m of the Mark Twain school: golf is a nice walk spoiled. But if you actually like the silly game, this site’s a must-do. Great variety and breadth of golf venues, all kinds of other useful news and information, nicely illustrated. David Finn’s got a long and solid golf background – and his writing’s none-too-shabby either. Can you say “Fore?”

www.candicedoestheworld.com – When I first decided to try the whole blog thing I spent quite a bit of time perusing this site. Ironically, she’s even got her own “bloggers we like” link.  Nice layout and a lot of variety (it’s not all travel stuff). Candice Walsh is really well-traveled, but more important, her writing is sophisticated and readable, written with a strong and appealing voice.